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At Blue Buddha we continue to expand our range of Holistic & Spiritual services to support researched, and recognised current needs. We use plant medicine, pure, organic, essential oils to support our Holistic treatments with massage to allow our bodies to heal themselves. Our spiritual services continue to grow as clients new and old are experiencing the value of ‘CHI or Prana’ energy allowing their systems to rebalance and achieve calm.

At Blue Buddha we are also delighted to now provide Shamanic Services as part of treatments, this is proving to be very positively received , life changing and popular to clients who have experienced it. 

Sound Therapy is now up and running see our new 1 :1 sound therapies, and Sound baths for 2 people. We’re  so very excited to now announce that Sound Therapy Healing, & Drumming Meditation will be up and running in our studio in the new year. Blue Buddha continues to evolve its treatment packages to help and support peoples wellness needs.  

We hope we will see you soon and  thank you for taking the time to read  our story. 



We would like to welcome you to our gorgeous Blue Buddha Studio. On arrival to us, you will be drawn in by the surrounding natural  and stunning beauty situated right on our doorstep. The lush green rolling hills, will take your breath away, and you will be blanketed and cocooned by the expanse of mature trees, so very uplifting and pleasing to the eye. You will start to connect up with the beautiful natural energy around and this will be the start of your wellbeing journey with us.

On arrival we will welcome you and make you comfortable in our surroundings ,we will review your requirements whilst being surrounded by a tranquil environment seated on our plush sofa with lovely views of the countryside through our large floor to ceiling picture windows . We will then commence with a consultation to answer any questions that you may have before your treatment begins. 

Our treatment room is all about you- muted lighting, candles to add warmth and glow, sumptuous bedding, fleecy blankets, and a heated bed to ensure that you are feeling cosy and nurtured in comfort whilst you lie back and experience deep relaxation. It all then begins…


I have experienced two sound baths done by Lisa at Blue Buddha and I highly recommend them. I found them a deeply relaxing, wonderful experience. So good for mental and physical well being. Lisa is calm, warm, caring and professional.

Shirley 😊 28/3/23

Lisa's sound baths are absolutely fantastic. Not only does she have a great knowledge of sound healing, how it impacts the brain and loads of other theory aspects she's a super skilled multi-instrumentalist. And she has big gongs which are amazing. Prepare to be transported to another dimension 🤪 Lisa is also a very talented healer who works intuitively to empower and support you in whatever it is you need help with. She is warm, kind and empathetic. I can highly recommend her services.


Thank you again Lisa for a wonderful reiki session. Due to lockdown restrictions this time is was distance healing which was equally as fulfilling for me as when I visit Blue Buddha. Dear All, Please try not to let the thought of ‘distance’ healing put a halt to your self care during these testing times. You are important. Healing is paramount. Energy is energy, whether your receiving face to face or via distance, you’ll just be in the comfort of your own home. Self care is so important, even more so now. Be kind to yourself, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Jill B

I was blessed to be put in touch with Lisa at the perfect time, when every other route we are conditioned to believe is there to support us wasn't - Lisa was. Her work is impecable, kind, caring and Lisa makes the journey understandable to follow. I have my life to thank her for.

Jason D

I’ve been having holistic therapy with Lisa for 4 months now, it’s part of my new self care regime which I commenced in advance of my retirement from 37 years in mental health nursing. Lisa has been undertaking Reiki & Crystal Healing on me monthly & I have noticed a positive shift in my energy levels, arthritis aches & pains (hardly any) and an enhanced sense of overall well-being.

Liz L

I highly recommend Lisa at Blue Buddha. Very professional and the venue is beautiful. The holistic treatments are amazing and the products she uses are really good. I’ve been a few times now and look forward to my next visit.

Sharon P

How Holistic Therapy Can Help You

Helps To Build Your Core Strength

Strength building exercises develop gross motor skills and core strength

Develops Balance & Coordination

Balance can be mastered by focusing your attention on alignment, strength and attention

Encourages Focus & Concentration

Meditation relieves anxiety and encourages focus and concentration

Helps To Self-Regulate Emotions

Breathing exercises identify and address anxiety and help develop emotional self-regulation

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