Shamanic Healing

Professional Shamanic Healing

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanism is a very old, ancient, widespread and powerful spiritual / healing practice. Its’s not a religion, it has no dogmas nor any hierarchies. Shamanism is a branch of animism.

Animists experience that not just humans, but all things have a soul, a life force energy, and consciousness in both the world, and everything in it, that is sacred in both living and non living things, and is our true connection to nature.

Shamanic Journeying and Healing

In doing a shamanic journey the practitioner enters into a deep, trance like state where they enter in to shamanic reality. They are able to move between the three shamanic realms that we know as the Middle world – in which we live, the Lower world which is pure and beautiful nature, and Mother Earth, and where we work with animals, plants, trees, mountains , the elements etc and receive their healing gifts and knowledge. And lastly the upper world which has an ethereal, light floaty feel to it.

When we work shamanically we are shown Imagery, symbolism, and metaphors so that we can make sense of what we are seeing in shamanic reality. During a session we work with our Power Animal, our Human upper and Lower world spirit guides, and nature using core therapeutic shamanism techniques to identify the source of the cause, which isn’t always a spiritual one and then heal the cause.

Benefits :

Shamanic healing can help with everyday issues of feeling, stuck, overwhelmed, emotional issues, blocked and unable to move forward, trauma, and also physical issues.

Reenergises and cleanses our energy field which may have felt tired and drained.

It allows us to take ownership of maintaining rebalance in our health, wellbeing and regain our mental clarity.

Shamanic healing can be truly life-changing and transformational as a practice. It increases our self awareness, helps us create better boundaries, and choices that are in alignment with our soul.

How Shamanic Healing can help us ?

We live in a fractured, chaotic world where we are prone to burn out, stress, and can suffer with illness which shamans believe comes from a shamanic origin. As a result we can suffer with soul loss and power loss.

In Shamanism it is our spirit guides who do the work. We then look at the energy that is causing the issue and use extraction techniques for clearing and rebalancing the energy fields.

Using therapeutic, shamanic techniques and working with our Power Animal and Spirit Guides and nature, the following issues can be addressed and healing received.

  • Removal of Energetic Blocks / Negative Thought Forms, can be as a result of Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Fear, Addictions, Grief, and Traumatic events that are making us feel sick.
  • Extraction of Attachments / Intrusions to our Energetic Field / Entity Removal which have attached when our energy levels have been low as a result of illness, Trauma, Grief.
  • Soul Retrieval – This technique is used to bring back soul parts that left or were sent away during some trauma or event in our lives.
  • Power Retrieval – This technique is used following illness, Trauma, including Conflict that makes us feel powerless and lost. The energy restores our inner worth, self confidence and rebalance within our energetic field.
  • DNA healing – This clears energetic familiar patterns passed down through each generation resulting in congenital defects, unhealthy repeating patterns, and we work with family ancestors to heal these issues.
  • Ancestral and past life clearing and healing.
  • Inner child healing and healing ‘parts’ of us that got sent away.

Session includes – Free 30 minute consultation.

You can contact me for further information to discuss an area or issue you would like to explore with a Shamanic Healing session with us.


Shamanic Healing - Book online - £55

The beginning of the session is a focal point to identify the work / issues that you feel need to be addressed and healed during the session with us.

We will run through your completed client intake and consent form for your treatment which will be emailed to you before your session.

Wear comfortable clothing on the day. Your session will be completed in our Blue Buddha healing room which is a beautiful, light and candle lit, sacred space. We strive to make you feel, nurtured, in our safe space as you are made comfy on our heated, massage bed, with snug blankets and pillows to make your experience with us a truly blissful one.

I start your healing session by shamanic drumming to allow you to relax as a deep meditation practice for a few minutes. The continuous steady-beat of the drum, slows and lowers your brainwaves, and your breathing, heart rate. This will lower your blood pressure and your body will feel deeply relaxed and then the healing can begin!!

During the session you will be conscious of me being in the room but not actively, physically working on you. You may experience visual insights, be aware of gentle pressure to parts of your body, heat and cold, and feel in a very relaxed state.

Following your healing session, i will run through what came up, what work was completed and unpick the symbolic, imagery, and meanings with you.

Aftercare :

Any aftercare to take plant medicines will be discussed at the session. It is important after your session to have a more restful afternoon / evening as you may feel tired. A follow up call / message is standard practice the following day to check in with you.

Distance Shamanic Healing

For those of you who prefer a Distance Healing Shamanic session, this can also be arranged and works exactly the same as a face to face. The distance between the healer and the client does not in any way reduce the effect of the session and can be channelled anywhere in the UK or in the world as is not restricted to time or place.

After a distance session I will arrange to call you to advise you of what and where has been healed, cleared. I will also arrange a follow up call / message the following day to check in with you.

Shamanic Reiki Healing

£50 - 60 minutes

This is a very powerful energy healing session in which Shamanic Healing can be channelled at the same time as Reiki. Energetic imbalances, negative thought forms, energy intrusion work can be completed.

Home, Land Shamanic clearing

For removal of low vibrational energies from homes, land, buildings to heal, extract, and to finally close and complete works with a blessing – contact Lisa via email for further information and cost.


I have experienced two sound baths done by Lisa at Blue Buddha and I highly recommend them. I found them a deeply relaxing, wonderful experience. So good for mental and physical well being. Lisa is calm, warm, caring and professional.

Shirley 😊 28/3/23

Lisa's sound baths are absolutely fantastic. Not only does she have a great knowledge of sound healing, how it impacts the brain and loads of other theory aspects she's a super skilled multi-instrumentalist. And she has big gongs which are amazing. Prepare to be transported to another dimension 🤪 Lisa is also a very talented healer who works intuitively to empower and support you in whatever it is you need help with. She is warm, kind and empathetic. I can highly recommend her services.


Thank you again Lisa for a wonderful reiki session. Due to lockdown restrictions this time is was distance healing which was equally as fulfilling for me as when I visit Blue Buddha. Dear All, Please try not to let the thought of ‘distance’ healing put a halt to your self care during these testing times. You are important. Healing is paramount. Energy is energy, whether your receiving face to face or via distance, you’ll just be in the comfort of your own home. Self care is so important, even more so now. Be kind to yourself, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Jill B

I was blessed to be put in touch with Lisa at the perfect time, when every other route we are conditioned to believe is there to support us wasn't - Lisa was. Her work is impecable, kind, caring and Lisa makes the journey understandable to follow. I have my life to thank her for.

Jason D

I’ve been having holistic therapy with Lisa for 4 months now, it’s part of my new self care regime which I commenced in advance of my retirement from 37 years in mental health nursing. Lisa has been undertaking Reiki & Crystal Healing on me monthly & I have noticed a positive shift in my energy levels, arthritis aches & pains (hardly any) and an enhanced sense of overall well-being.

Liz L

I highly recommend Lisa at Blue Buddha. Very professional and the venue is beautiful. The holistic treatments are amazing and the products she uses are really good. I’ve been a few times now and look forward to my next visit.

Sharon P

How Holistic Therapy Can Help You

Helps To Build Your Core Strength

Strength building exercises develop gross motor skills and core strength

Develops Balance & Coordination

Balance can be mastered by focusing your attention on alignment, strength and attention

Encourages Focus & Concentration

Meditation relieves anxiety and encourages focus and concentration

Helps To Self-Regulate Emotions

Breathing exercises identify and address anxiety and help develop emotional self-regulation

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